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Sand Hills Shoot

Pistol on Steel has been rescheduled for

20 October

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  1. The Equipment
    The Equipment
    Two Glock-22's , One G-19 Two M&P's, Two AR-15’s. Four SIRT Training Pistols, Two Bolt Action Lasers You may bring your personal AR-15 to shoot on our simulators as well.
  2. The Technology
    The Technology
    J-RAT Defense Lab utilizes state-of-the-art training simulators that combine full high-definition video and graphics, giant screens, surround sound, and infrared laser modified weapons technology to deliver a lifelike shooting experience previously available only to military and law enforcement.
  3. The Facility
    The Facility
    Birthday parties, social events, private get together's, corporate team building, whatever it may be. Allow J-RAT Defense Lab to host your next event or just a fun evening out with friends.
  • REALISTIC:  We provide genuine off-the-shelf firearms fitted with infrared lasers and CO2 magazines to simulate the accuracy and recoil of live-fire shooting.

  • SAFE:  100% non-threatening, ammunition-free environment.  A great way to introduce new shooters to firearms, and for seasoned shooters to experiment and make mistakes without risk.

  • VERSITILE: J-RAT is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Our simulators offer static targets, moving targets, marksmanship drills, courses of fire, and immersive real-world threat scenarios with adjustable difficulty levels to satisfy everyone from the beginner to the advanced shooter.
  • AFFORDABLE: Unlimited rounds without the high cost of ammo.

  • EFFICIENT:  Unlike live-fire ranges, there is no time wasted on set-up and clean-up which means more time spent actually training.

  • FUN:    Serious training can also be seriously fun.  Test your skills against a mob of the undead in our Zombie Apocolypse scenario, or challenge friends to shooting competitions like the GSSF Glock Match, Steel Plates, The Texas Star and much much more.  J-RAT is a great place to host your next party or special event.
  1. J-RAT Training
    J-RAT Training
    Train At Your Convenience J-RAT is changing the way firearms instruction is given one customer at a time. All of our classes are private, one on one AND scheduled when you have the time.
  2. Corp/Private Events
    Corp/Private Events
    Reserve J-RAT for your next Event! Safe, 100% non-threating, ammunition free environment. Perfect for all ages and skill levels!
  3. Simulator Options
    Simulator Options
    Pick one of our standard options or customize your own!
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