August 4th @ 6:30 pm


J-RAT Defense Lab utilizes state-of-the-art training simulators that combine full high-definition video and graphics, giant screens, surround sound, and infrared laser modified weapons technology to deliver a lifelike shooting experience previously available only to military and law enforcement.

REALISTIC:  We provide genuine off-the-shelf firearms fitted with infrared lasers and CO2 magazines to simulate the accuracy and recoil of live-fire shooting.

SAFE:  100% non-threatening, ammunition-free environment.  A great way to introduce new shooters to firearms, and for seasoned shooters to experiment and make mistakes without risk.

VERSITILE: J-RAT is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Our simulators offer static targets, moving targets, marksmanship drills, courses of fire, and immersive real-world threat scenarios with adjustable difficulty levels to satisfy everyone from the beginner to the advanced shooter.

AFFORDABLE: Unlimited rounds without the high cost of ammo.

EFFICIENT:  Unlike live-fire ranges, there is no time wasted on set-up and clean-up which means more time spent actually training.

FUN:    Serious training can also be seriously fun.  Test your skills against a mob of the undead in our Zombie Apocolypse scenario, or challenge friends to shooting competitions like the GSSF Glock Match, Steel Plates, The Texas Star and much much more.  J-RAT is a great place to host your next party or special event.

225 W. Morganton Rd, Southern Pines, NC